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Thanks our simulation software, we can study the casting filling and solidification to predict and avoid any metallurgical defects. All this information is analyzed via computer in a very quick and meticulous way, allowing us to choose the best solution with the minimum cost, and thereby optimize the casting system. We believe that simulation [...]

2019-12-09T14:24:29+00:00December 9th, 2019|Business Departments|


La F.A.M. uses the following furnaces: Nr.1 smelting furnace (1200kg/hour) with 2700kg liquid tank Nr.5 robotised pot furnaces (700kg) Nr.3 pot furnaces (700kg) Nr.4 tilting furnaces (600kg) Nr.2 pot furnaces (350kg) Nr.1 furnace (Pagnotta) CORE-EMPTYING FURNACE Nr. 1 melting furnace (1500 Kg / hour) with a 3000 Kg liquid tank [...]

2019-12-09T14:19:05+00:00December 9th, 2019|Business Departments|


F.A.M. has invested a great deal in its analytical laboratory and instruments. By testing the castings directly in our plants, we can deliver a quality product complete with modern technical support in a very short time. List of the main measurement, control and testing instruments in our laboratory: 2 quantitative spectrophotometers radiographic plant (power [...]

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