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Considered the jewel in our crown, it’s fully robotized to increase speed, and accurately monitored at every step to ensure the top quality of the end product.

This plant contains the following equipment:
Automatic jolt plant with handrammer head
flasks 900X700 h 300+300 or 2 x 450×700 h 300+300

  • 5 robotised pot furnaces (700kg each)
  • 2 tilting furnaces (600kg each) (used for all plants)
  • 1 smelting furnace (1200/kg/hour) with 2700kg liquid tank
  • 2 casting robots
  • 1 filter-positioning robot
  • 1 sand plant with intensive muller (BELLOI E ROMAGNOLI)
  • 1 GSC humidifier for automatic sand control, complete with 2 drying machines, 1 precision balance and 1 sieving machine
  • Automatic control of the furnace temperatures
  • Nr. 1 melting furnace (1500 Kg / hour) with a 3000 Kg liquid tank
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