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F.A.M. has invested a great deal in its analytical laboratory and instruments. By testing the castings directly in our plants, we can deliver a quality product complete with modern technical support in a very short time.

List of the main measurement, control and testing instruments in our laboratory:

  • 2 quantitative spectrophotometers
  • radiographic plant (power 10mA – 160kV), operated by highly qualified personnel
  • Galdabini SUN-5 tensile tests machine
  • HB31 – 303 durometer
  • density control scales
  • penetrant liquid machine, operated by highly qualified personnel
  • inverted microscope (magnifications 50x -800x)
  • SIT-calibrated sample thermometer
  • specimen-preparation lathe
  • surface plate
  • dividing head
  • depth gauge
  • 2 surface gauges
  • precision gauge blocks by sample
  • portable endoscope diam. 8 mm L. 1000 mm
  • rotary polishing specimens plate

3D scanning anthropomorphic arm for reverse engineering

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