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  • Flameproof equipment
  • Electromechanical industry ( equipment at high/medium/low voltage)
  • Wood working machines ( creation and assembly of furniture, window and door frames, furnishing complements, wood tools)
  • Glass working machines
  • Laser cutting working machines
  • Military industry (naval and terrestrial one)
  • Motor industry (motor frame parts, heads, motor cycles cylinders)
  • Motor car industry
  • Motor car industry with reference to the industrial field
  • Wheels and rollers of connection for the lapping.
  • Lifting systems and rope transport (ex. to-and-fro cableways, cable-railways, cableways for the material transport, inclined planes, inclined elevators)
  • Lifting systems through pulley blocks
  • Hoisting winches
  • Polishing, lapping and buffing machines for wood and marble floors
  • Motor naval industry ( combustion engines and electric motors for cruise ships, tow-boats, tankers, etc.)
  • Ferry industry
  • Rotary dry pumps and compressors, lubricated pumps, rotary oil bath pumps, piston pumps and compressors, lobe pumps, vacuum pumps and systems, screw pumps, self priming pumps
  • Industry for the agriculture ( irrigators, etc.)
  • Medical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Alimentary industry
  • Mechanical drives in modular systems: differential casings, reduction gears, transmission cases
  • Earth-moving industry
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